About Wushu

Wushu, also referred to as a Kung Fu in the West, it is a collective term for the martial arts that originated and developed in China. The word wushu can be translated into "the art of not fighting".

Throughout its long history, Wushu has developed into many different styles and systems where each branch has its own technique, tactics, principles and methods, as well as the use of a wide variety of traditional weapons. The different styles that have emerged focus on many aspects of battle, but more importantly, they have absorbed the Chinese philosophies and moral values for thousands of years. With that, Wushu has developed into more than just a single attack and defense system. It has become a way to cultivate both body, mind and spirit in a positive way that is beneficial to all who practice it.

Today, wushu has developed into different forms of practice, each with their own focus and goals. Some styles have health and well-being as their primary goal, while others stress maintaining the traditional culture and the skills that the art comes from. More recently, Wushu has developed into a global competitive sport that is practiced and enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide because of its unique and exciting content. One can roughly divide wushu into modern and traditional styles. Modern styles are standarized styles based on similarities between the 128 traditional styles that have existed in China for thousands of years.

Thanks to collaboration with the Beijing Sports University we receive instructors who will come for a year at a time to evolve our competence and further their studies. The styles we offer classes in are Taijiquan, Changquan, Qigong and Shaolinquan.