Shaolin quan is one of the oldest and most famous martial arts. Shaolin kung fu was gradually developed in the Buddhist Shaolin temple in 495 AD in Songshan.

The external training and the internal work were integrated. Shaolin Kung fu has more than hundreds of existing styles. Every style has one or few routines and every routine teaches new methods of fighting and improving health conditions. To learn a complete system, Shaolin monks master a number of each styles. Shaolin kung fu includes fist forms, animal imitative forms, combat training, various weapon forms as well as the famous drunken style. All forms have their practical applications in the martial use.

Shaolin Kung fu focuses on the flexibility, stamina, conditioning and hard and soft qigong. It develops the strength of the body as well as the resistance of the will power. The study of Shaolin quan is methodological and gradual, which makes it beneficial for everyone who seeks to learn Kung fu.