Rune Ingebrigtsen

Director of Confucius Institute in Bergen

Torry Waage

Confucius Institute in Bergen - Wushu


Wojtek Koltuniuk

Confucius Institute in Bergen - Wushu

Team leader

Torry Waage +4793686978

Wojtek Koltuniuk +4794838175

We hold classes in the following locations:

Bergen Katedralskole Address: Kong Oscars gate 36

Bergen Maritime skole Address: Vestre Strømkaien 10

Can't find gyms? Don't hesitate to contact us!!!

A little help for those of you who are a little uncertain of how to get to the gym at "Katten" on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
1. You go to the front of the school (1st picture)
2. Then you follow the school building to the left until you see an entrance to the side of it (2nd picture)
3. Walk along the path until you get to a big door to the building (3rd picture)
4. The door unfortunately needs a keycard to open. One of us, the club leaders, will stand by the door and let people in 10 minutes before and until class, for example on Tuesdays from 17:50 - 18:00, so be precise ;)
Here is how to find us on Mondays and Thursdays in Maritime school.
1. Find main door to the school (1st picture)
2. Press white square highlighted button. Guard will open the door for you (2nd picture)
3. Go to fourth floor, turn left and find the gym (3rd picture)